Story Reel Review & Exclusive Discounts

Hi and welcome to this review of StoryReel

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past 5 years you would know that stories are the biggest thing on social media

They’re immediate, loud in your face and everywhere

Quite simply they are the hottest thing on social media – now to be honest I’m not quite sure why the likes of Facebook and Instagram are pushing them so hard but the fact remains is that they do and with StoryReel we have a chance of monetizing this exciting and growing trend.

So how does it work?

To create a story we can literally just pick up a camera take a picture of ourselves and then post it on to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat

But here is the thing

There is one problem with that and that is the fact that the stories will look ordinary

Now in this day in age ordinary is bad

We don’t want to look ordinary now do we

Enter StoryReel

It has hundreds of beautiful templates onto which we can affix our logos, watermarks, personalised images etc

This will make our stories look stunning and also it will enable us to sell these on marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork and

So there you have it – this is what StoryReel is about

If you like it and  you purchase through my affiliate link you’re in for a treat

I have some amazing discounts, bonuses and everything else that you need in order to succeed making money with this software.

Have a look at the funnel just below


StoryReel makes it super easy for anyone with zero technical or creative knowledge to create amazing stunning vertical videos for story marketing and to stand out.


This is an easy to use cloud “story” style vertical video creation app for marketers, so they can leverage the amazing trend of Stories and use them for promotions and in their ads.


StoryReel essentially helps users create short and long animated vertical Story-Style videos using 100s of proven video templates to promote their offers and business on SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, Skype and/or WhatsApp Stories. And it also helps your users reach out and connect with mobile users as well.

Best part, these 100 templates have been designed by award winning social media and snapchat designers who have worked for fortune-500 companies. Each of these templates is easily worth $200 alone and have been proven to deliver results.

Funnel Breakdown & Details:

UPSELL #1: Templates Club Upgrade ($97/yr)

Templates club is the perfect upgrade for anyone wanting to do more with StoryReel and stand out with brand new monthly templates:

– 100 New Stunning Video Templates

– 10 New Templates Monthly

– New Niches Added

– Faster Rendering With New Templates

– 2-Step Editing

– Newbie Friendly Templates

– Everything on the cloud – Nothing to install

– New Templates Added Every Month Automatically

– Request For Specific Template Designs

– Holiday & Season Templates Added


UPSELL #2: StoryReel PRO ($67)

This is the powerful StoryReel upgrade with professional and advance features to help your customers do more and make more money using StoryReel.

– POWERFUL Auto-Video Creator

– Create 100s of Videos Automatically

– No More Creating Videos Manually

– Agency License Features

– Sub-User Account

– Virtual Assistance Account

– Publish Unlimited Videos Every Day

– Connect Unlimited Facebook Accounts

– Share on Instagram via Dropbox

– Share on SnapChat via Dropbox

– Outsourcers & Developers License

– Newbie Friendly & Easy to Use

– Everything Cloud-Based. Use from anywhere

– ReadyMade Agency Website with Paypal Checkout

– Video Traffic Generation Training


UPSELL #3: InstiPublish – Commercial License ($67)

This powerful app automated Instagram and other social media content curation and publishing to generate massive amount of free traffic without lifting a finger.

– Post Unlimited Content On Instagram

– Find & Use Hottest Hashtags

– Find Trending Images & Publish on Instagram

– Set-n-Forget System

– Publish 100s of New Images Daily on Instagram

– Add Custom Titles for posts

– Title Spinning

– Get tons of followers using Trending HashTags

– Fully Automated Instagram Marketing App

– Cloud Based – Nothing to Install

– Newbie Friendly – Easy 3 Step System

– Yearly Updates & Support


UPSELL #4: LocalLeadsNeos – Commercial License ($37)

Find new leads and clients GLOBALLY and sell your new online and digital marketing services directly from inside the cloud dashboard.

– Find UNLIMITED Leads & Clients

– Use to find leads Globally

– Commercial Usage License

– Sub-User Account

– Virtual Assistance Account

– Cloud Based – Nothing to Install

– Powerful A,I. Finds Your Perfect Leads

– Contact Leads & Clients From Dashboard

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